A Hassle-free Gift Card Experience

With Gift[it], we want to bring delight, joy, and memorable experiences to your organization and community while providing you—the gift giver—with an efficient, personalized, flexible experience. Let Gift[it] handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best, growing your business or engaging with your community.
Here are all the ways gift cards can support your rewards program:
  • Recognize and reward employees
  • Increase customer and partner loyalty
  • Inspire community engagement

Why us?
Advanced technology, exceptional customer support, great selection.

Gift[it] can solve your corporate and community gifting challenges with the best selection of prepaid gift cards, advanced technology, and exceptional customer support.

Rewarding your employees, customers, and/or community just got easier, more reliable, and far more convenient.

Ordering is a hassle free, seamless experience. Track your bulk order, get details on activation, view historical orders and invoices—all backed by the Gift[it] platform designed for maximum flexibility. So easy.


Remit payment by EFT, wire transfer, or credit card. All cards are shipped inactive and are only activated once you confirm receipt of the package and request activation.


Experts in logistics and distribution, we have securely and efficiently delivered millions of gift cards to diverse corporations and community groups in North America for 20+ years.


Human touch is important to us. Talk to us live. You can confirm your order via a phone call or just check that all is on track, even brainstorm ideas with us.


We love this business and can help you determine ways to incentivize, motivate, and just wow your card recipients with a gift card that results in that “a-ha” moment.


We’re dedicated to elevating the gifting business and want to help you better engage with your employees, customers, and community to inspire and motivate them to achieve even more.

Our team—personal, approachable, experienced

We believe this business requires both a high-tech and high-touch approach. We’ve invested in the best people to help us deliver the best products and service.

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