Celebrate your employees with gift cards

Here are all the ways:
Recognize employees

Acknowledge the dedication and hard work of your employees. Whether you set up a yearly, quarterly, or even monthly rewards programs, Gift[it] makes sure your employees—your most valuable asset—are always top of mind. And recognition at work has a positive impact on retention.

performance goals

Celebrate milestones in the moment by building a true culture of recognition. If your employees go above and beyond, reward them. Make sure your top performers get the recognition they deserve.

Reward health and safety

Reduce accidents and injuries at work. Leverage wellness programs. Incentivize your employees by rewarding them for good habits and compliance to safety protocols. Gift[it] prepaid cards can help lead the way to safety compliance.

Motivate and
incentivize sales

Help motivate your sales team by setting goals and rewards on a regular basis. If your team exceeds the usual performance metrics, create an incentive program that rewards them. Highly engaged, motivated employees are good for your bottom line.

Celebrate anniversaries
and holidays

This is another avenue to celebrate successes and do so on a regular basis—corporate anniversaries, contests, holidays, and more. Give your employees the freedom to choose a gift card that will spread joy and delight.

Acknowledge service/loyalty

While job-hopping has become the norm today, those employees that remain committed to your mission year after year—even month after month—deserve recognition as well and on a more frequent basis. Unlike a gold watch or a lapel pin, a gift card lets your employee select the perfect gift, one that’s meaningful to them.



That’s the increase in employee performance with a good rewards program, according to research from DCR Strategies.com.

Gift cards make employees feel a part of the team.



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