Reward customer loyalty

A Gift[it] prepaid card program for your customers and partners can make them feel great about your brand. Here’s how. The rewards encourage them to stay loyal and have a long-term relationship to your business—a win-win for all. And that ultimately can get them to promote YOUR brand and drive bigger sales numbers and more referrals.
Drive sales

Gift cards can help you drive bigger sales numbers and are a simple, risk-free way to grow your profits.

Encourage referrals

Reward those customers who already love your business by giving them an incentive to refer others. A referral from a happy customer goes a long way with potential new customers.

Boost loyalty

Customers love rewards programs, and a loyalty program can lead to higher customer ROI and enhance your partnerships. It’s a great way to encourage them to buy more often and spend more.

Acquire new customers/partners

Need to jumpstart your existing customer and partner base? Gift cards can be the perfect incentive to encourage customers to try out your product/service or convince potential partners to team up with you.

Retain existing

We all know it’s easier to retain current customers and partners than acquire new ones—and gift cards are a great way to reinforce loyalty to your brand.

Promote your brand

Prepaid gift cards offer a memorable and powerful way to grow your business and brand starting today.



Of people are more likely to continue using
a brand’s services if it has a loyalty program.



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